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Counseling Awareness Month 2018: A Counselor Can Help

Sometimes the role of a counselor can be blurred and confusing. Did you know a counselor can help you recover from addiction? What about planning your college goals or career dreams? Counselors can help you with a wide range of concerns and assist you in obtaining your aspirations. This April, the American Counseling Association (ACA) has designated their Counseling Awareness Month with the theme: A Counselor Can Help. Read more on the many different ways counselors can help you achieve wellness!

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

For our fifth and final addition in Online Counseling Programs's blog series "Mental Health and...", we look into comorbidity between mental illness and substance use disorders, specifically how the two can be influential of one another and may typically occur at the same time.

How Substance Abuse Counseling Found Its Way Into Schools

When addressing substance abuse in children and adolescents, counseling can manifest in many forms. In some areas, the primary school counselor receives substance abuse education, enabling them to provide services to students [...]

Shattering the Myths: "National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week"

"National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week" is a week long observance of national health to promote teenage awareness of the effects of alcohol and drugs. How much about substance use do you know? [...]