Blog Posts on Counseling Approaches

How Changing The Way You Sleep Helps To Deal With Counselor Burnout

Do you feel ineffective at work or emotionally exhausted? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of Burnout. Learn how to combat Burnout by reading our guide on how to significantly impove your sleep and mental health.  

How College Counselors Can Help Overwhelmed Students With Academic Stress

College counselors play an integral role in helping college students manage their stress by identifying the academic stress points in the students' lives and channeling it into something that can bring them success. 

Why You Should Consider a Clinical Perspective to Athletics

Counseling and psychology have become an important part of sports. With an increase in students participating in sports and increased commercialization, student athletes are faced with increased demands, both in the game and away from the sport. Students can face high academic expectations, increasing performance demands, and emotional difficulties related to sports participation.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

For our fifth and final addition in Online Counseling Programs's blog series "Mental Health and...", we look into comorbidity between mental illness and substance use disorders, specifically how the two can be influential of one another and may typically occur at the same time.

Mental Health and Violence

In our fourth addition in Online Counseling Programs's blog series "Mental Health and...", we review the impact of violence on our lives - specifically regarding our mental capabilities when faced with trauma or terror.

Mental Health and Technology

Our third addition in Online Counseling Programs's blog series "Mental Health and...", we discuss the impact and influence of technology on mental health. In what ways does the growth of technology help or harm our cognition and emotions?