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Mental Health and Physical Health

Continuing Online Counseling Programs's blog series "Mental Health and...", this piece reviews the connection between mental and physical health - highlighting how some mental health concerns affect your physical wellbeing and vice versa.

Mental Health and Wellness

As the first part in Online Counseling Programs's blog series "Mental Health and...", this wellness piece explores the linked nature between your mental health and overall wellness by offering suggestions on addressing your own self-care.

How Counselors are Learning to Address Racial Trauma

We're living in a time of social and racial unrest. The current social climate means that counselors find themselves playing an essential role in helping the victims of racial trauma and race-based stress.

Crisis Counseling and Intervention: How Counselors Provide Immediate Help

When a disaster or traumatic event occurs, crisis counselors are some of the first responders. Providing a safe outlet for emotional and mental relief, crisis counselors and intervention specialists work with victims of natural disasters, violence, suicide, and sexual assault to reduce acute distress by sharing coping skills and restoring physical and mental health.

How to Choose Your Theoretical Orientation

In psychotherapy, choosing a theoretical orientation is a paradoxical event. It compresses your conceptualization but expands the effectiveness of your interventions. It builds walls between other orientations but it brings you closer to a community of like-minded people. Ultimately, it narrows your scope but what is left is highly focused. Given the high costs and high rewards, it is not a task that should be taken lightly.

World Mental Health Day 2017: Workplace Mental Health

World Mental Health Day is recognized on October 10 of every year. The day is used as an opportunity to discuss mental health and what can be done to make mental health care possible for people worldwide. Originally founded in 1992, World Mental Health Day will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. Starting in 1994, Mental Health Day began assigning a new theme every year.  This year’s theme is mental health in the workplace.