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How to Comfort and Care for a Child with a Serious Illness in a Healthy Way

When a child falls sick with a serious illness, parents may set the usual rules and limits aside. But overindulgence can create its own set of challenges. To help families navigate this difficult time, counselors can help parents learn how to comfort their child in healthy ways.

How Changing The Way You Sleep Helps To Deal With Counselor Burnout

Do you feel ineffective at work or emotionally exhausted? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of Burnout. Learn how to combat Burnout by reading our guide on how to significantly impove your sleep and mental health.  

How College Counselors Can Help Overwhelmed Students With Academic Stress

College counselors play an integral role in helping college students manage their stress by identifying the academic stress points in the students' lives and channeling it into something that can bring them success. 

Why You Should Consider a Clinical Perspective to Athletics

Counseling and psychology have become an important part of sports. With an increase in students participating in sports and increased commercialization, student athletes are faced with increased demands, both in the game and away from the sport. Students can face high academic expectations, increasing performance demands, and emotional difficulties related to sports participation.

Do Healthy Relationships Need Couples Counselling Too?

The decision for a couple to enter a relationship, or couples’ therapy is, of course, a deeply subjective one, as there is arguably no way of truly “knowing” when you may need to seek counselling support.