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Driving Elementary Counseling with Google Drive

Technology gives us access to information without the bulk of papers and binders. Google Drive, specifically, is a platform that can be used to stay organized and sane while juggling the many facets of a school counseling program. [...]

My Evolution as a Child and Family Therapist

I realized through the previous ten years of treating families and children that the dramatic rise in separations and custody related conflicts were negatively impacting children’s ability to cope and develop. [...]

5 Strategies for a Successful School Counseling Internship

You have completed your initial coursework, and now the time has come for your school counseling internship.  It is so exciting to finally arrive to the grand finale of your graduate studies.  Your time as a school counseling intern is very important and can set the stage for your future. [...]

Using Technology to Boost Your Counseling Program

More and more often, I find myself saying “How did I ever do this without the internet?” For instance, when I am driving to a new vacation spot, wondering where the next gas station or restaurant is, ordering a pizza, learning a new home improvement project on youtube, etc [...]