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Counselor Self-Care Series: Your Counseling Internship and Self-Care

The field of counseling is very flexible and it has its opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of those suffering from mental health illnesses. Being a counselor could save many lives as it has been true for myself. All those can be reasons why an individual sought to be a counselor; however while working in the field and attempting to find a niche, reality has a way of intruding.

Applying to Graduate School: What to Know

Graduate degree programs offer a much more subject centric education. For an average of two years, students take coursework that is solely specific to their major. Undergraduate education often requires core curriculum coursework to be taken first [...]

Marriage and Family Counseling to Therapy

It wasn’t until the mid-1950s that psychological problems began being addressed within the context of relationships. For the first time, therapists recognized that issues were developed and maintained because of the social constructs within a family or marriage [...]

How to Decide if Private Practice is For You

How much control do you want over your income? How much of a sense of community do you want from work? Do you enjoy on-going learning? Learn more with professional counselor Joe Sanok as he reviews the pros and cons to private practice and how to get there [...]

2017 Mental Health Awareness Month: Risky Business

The goal of this Mental Health Awareness Month is to help identify these risky behaviors in people before they get out of control. It aims to educate counselors on how to identify risky behaviors in their clients [...]

A Look Inside: Military Counseling

Military enlisted personnel and their families have experiences, stressors, and issues that are not often seen among civilians. That’s why the role of the military counselor is such an important one [...]